Analysis, Design and Build

At a Wonderful Choice we have consultants who have been involved in various forms of systems development since 1987.

During that time we have used a variety of analysis tools and techniques, particularly in the area of relational database design, where we have made heavy of Oracle's Designer 2000 to take business requirements from feasibility right through to deployment. We have also run training courses for Oracle (and others) in business modelling and analysis techniques.

In Object Oriented development we have made effective use of UML, drawing from our relational database experience to provide accurate models, free of jargon and fit for purpose. We are mindful of the fact that analysis diagrams are often presented to lead members of the business community with the intention of gaining agreement but with little explanatory text or support, in effect asking customers to agree to work that is not fully and appropriately understood. We work hard to bridge this gap and attempt to express analysis (and design) products in plain, unambiguous ways. We also recognise the importance of design patterns in both analysis and design and frequently test our models against known patterns. For OO analysis we have used TogetherSoft software to capture analysis information and develop UML products.

Our experience in design is founded in proven techniques of Relational Systems Design. Again we have frequently used Designer 2000 to develop and fine tune database and architectural designs. We have experience a variety of tools and techniques to design front-ends and customer interfaces such as use of style guides, templates and RAD development for key screens in conjunction with lead users. Not surprisingly we have also run design courses for Oracle and others.

We also have programming expertise in a variety of different programming languages (most notably Java) and database-centric scripting languages like SQL, pl/SQL and InterSystems Caché ObjectScript.We believe that good analysis and design is supported by an in-depth understanding of tools and languages in which a system is to be built. Consequently our consultants frequently work with on a project right through its lifecycle, providing consistency and efficiencies throughout. As one would expect we have also run numerous training courses for systems developers.