We have been working with Java since the year 2000. We developed an interest in OO technology whilst working for a Government Agency and have carried this on in working for an estate agent internet start-up. To this end Jon Elsom has gained Sun Programmer Certification for the Java 2 Platform.

Much experience has been gained in coding numerous JSP's and servlets within an Apache/Tomcat environment. Some specific requirements fulfilled by Jon have been to develop additional tools for JBuilder, parsing XML files for data import, constructing configurable web trawling utilities and building daemon processes for automatic data state transitioning.

Jon has also done a lot of work with AWT and Swing and is now developing an interest in Struts.

Java development work has been perfomed in conjunction with the use of eXtreme Programming and the application of JUnit to unit test Java classes and ANT to enable consistent cross-platform deployments.