Jon Elsom's experience of Caché is in two parts, he originally trained and worked Caché's forerunner MUMPS during the late 1980's with Hoskyns. Whilst there he was part of the MDM team, a group developing programming tools (such as screen builders and report generators) for other MUMPS developers.

He returned to Caché in the year 2000 to work with an estate agent internet startup who had chosen Caché as their database. Of particular interest here was the combination of Caché and Java (Caché being able to generate links to database classes in Java code). Whilst working in this environment Jon has improved his ObjectScript and been able to form astute choices when deciding on where to place processing and in what language to code.

Jon has also been able to provide remote support for clients in America. The coverage of Caché support being what it is, A Wonderful Choice is always happy to discuss the requirements of clients who have a legacy holding in this technology with a view to supporting and enhancing existing functionality in a cost-effective way.