A Wonderful Choice has run and devised numerous training courses, primarily in the areas of business analysis, relational systems design and programming. The consultant Jon Elsom has training experience dating back to 1988, when he conducted a two month graduate training programme for new joiners to Cap Gemini (formerly Hoskyns). Since then A Wonderful Choice has provided many training courses, either off the shelf such as public courses for Oracle Education or bespoke for a variety of clients. A Wonderful Choice has been well-positioned to provide training in systems that the company has had a hand in building. This is another example of the continuity that A Wonderful Choice can bring to bespoke systems development.

Jon Elsom has, in the past provided training in the following courses/areas:

Business Modelling Techniques
This course lectures and exercises on:

Relational Systems Design
This course lectures and exercises on:

Programming Courses
Jon Elsom has also given the following programming level courses: