Consultants at A Wonderful Choice have been working with Oracle products since 1990, developing systems with SQL, pl/SQL, Oracle Forms, Reports, Designer and Developer for many years. Jon Elsom has been employed by Oracle to give training courses, both public and internal and has been able to offer consultancy to a wide range of Oracle-centred developments. Jon Elsom also formed a dedicated Oracle development team for a Government Agency, which became the pre-eminent force for Oracle systems development within the Agency and produced on average a national application once every eight months, following the full project lifecycle within the Oracle Designer/Developer toolset.

One of the key elements of development during this time was the need to interface new Oracle systems with existing legacy systems, sometimes but not always relational. Jon was able to make heavy use of Designer generation capabilities to develop code quickly and encourage re-use where possible.

Another requirement was to interface an existing Oracle system with the ESRi GIS product ArcView. Jon liased closely with ESRi consultants to ensure that this cross technology solution worked effectively.

Oracle is a key technology for A Wonderful Choice and when combined with the OO experience that the company has, we feel we are well positioned to challenge for most Java Oracle work.